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Last-minute-entry for charity sew-along

August 2014

I only have access to my Mum's shitty old sewing machine at the moment. It is a 30 year old Singer Futura 2000 which is so broken that it can only do (sort of) cross stitch even though it is supposed to be able to even stitch little dogs and flowers. Given these circumstances I am sooo lucky that this months sew-along "Creating medicine-bags for kids" at Kreativlabor Berlin is such an easy pattern! The finished bags will be passed on to viel Farbe im Grau e.V., a charity that supports severely ill children and their families. The kids can use the cute little bags to carry their medicine. The free sewing pattern is available here and the bags are really quick and easy to create! You're welcome to create some yourself and give them to "viel Farbe im Grau".

Being away also means that had no cool scrap fabric at hand either (apart from the pink dotty one). So I did a last-minute search and found the funny Angry birds/Star Wars-themed and space-themed cotton I used to create the bags at Quiltzauberei. The fabric was delivered super-quick within two days so just in time...phew!!! PS: I also have to add the cam snaps later though I could send the bags off without them.

'Medi bags' Pretty little medicine-bags for kids