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Sew-along: "Handytasche"

July 2014

Sewing battles are fun that's why I entered another one this month! After my success with the bunny-bag I also quickly stitched up an entry for Julia's "Handytasche" sew-along. It is a litte mobile phone bag and because it has bunnies (and other animals) printed all over it is of course a present for my little sister. I've sewed this "Tatüta" for her a while ago using the same combination of fabrics and now she will get this matching mobile phone bag.

The material used is from Frau Tulpe and Dawanda, plus I also spoiled myself and got a KAM Snap from Snaply. I got a bit hasty so the end result is not as perfect as it could be. Might do another one for my sister and keep this one for myself, not sure yet ;)

'Mobile pone bag open''Mobile pone bag closed' Mobile phone bag open and closed