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Sewing-battle with bunnies and LOVE

July 2014

Recently the supercool DIY blog Am liebsten Sorgenfrei announced a sewing competition. The only prerequisite was to include the letters "L O V E" and replace the "O" with something you like. I got my idea of what to create when I found the supercute oilcloth with bunnies printed all over on eBay. My little sister loves bunnies and shopping so I created a super-sized shopping bag for her.

During this project I worked with oilcloth for the first time. I found it quite challenging as it's a rather bulky material and together with the thick lining it pushed my sewing machine to its limits. That is why I cursed a lot during the sewing process. In the end it all worked out though and I hope my sister likes the result as much as I do. Also, my sewing machine has no "appliqué" mode so I had to apply the letters using a normal stitch which just does not look that perfect.

Edit: Yay my entry was voted on 20th place out of 58 so I won a little price at the sew along :) See all winners here

Bunnybag detail'Lots of space for my sister's shopping needs!
Bunnybag front'Look at all those bunnies!!! Cuteness-overload!!!
Bunnybag detail'LOVE-ly detail: An extra compartement attached to the front