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Last updated: September 2014

I've started this section because sometimes my geekish wisdom can't be compressed into the 140 characters of a tweet.

November 2012

Why it is Awesome to be a Girl in Tech

This article is about why it's great to work in tech, _especially_ as a girl. Be prepared for some "omg why didn't someone tell me earlier....!!!" facts.

Nerdy girls

January 2012

Git by example:
How to update your website on via Git

If you know what you're doing beautiful things happen with Git, our favourite version control tool. E.g. stuff from your computer gets quite elegantly pushed to your webserver without the need of fiddling with FTP, just hack a few commands into your command line as described in this little tutorial. I am explaining how to use Git to update a website using a real-world example: my hosting provider!

Nearlyfreespeech loves Git

July 2011

What does Asos do?
Javascript templates the sexy way with JST

Read how I discovered the concept of Javascript templates while browsing on a fashion site.

Find out what the hipster on the left has to do with it.

Annoying Hipster with geek glasses