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Last updated: December 2013

I am a London and Berlin-based freelance web developer doing stuff like HTML, CSS, Javascript (jQuery), PHP (Zend Framework, Concrete5, Typo3) and MySQL.

Right after my Diploma in Information Economics at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne I moved from Germany to London in 2006 and have been working as a Web Developer ever since. At the moment I am also working in Berlin so depending on future projects my plan is to switch between London and Berlin.

Webstuff I can do

I can write pretty HTML and CSS that works even in nasty IE6. The more interesting bit though is Javascript and I am a big fan of jQuery and have coded a lot with it.

Apart from coding I enjoy thinking about the architecture of a website and make sure it's consistent and easy to use.

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Webstuff I am fairly comfy with

During the last three years I got more and more interested in backend programming with PHP and MySQL. I am a big fan of coding things according to the MVC principle and have used Zend Framework and Symfony 1.4. If a CMS is needed my top choice used to be Typo3 but is now Concrete5.

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Webstuff I am learning at the moment

Of course there is HTML5 and CSS3 to learn as we only got until 2018 or so until they will become proper standards ;-). I am including some of their fancy features in my current projects which is good fun.

As mentioned above I like MVC frameworks and have been using Zend and Symfony so far. My latest discovery is Concrete5, a lightweight MVC-based CMS that is very impressive and easy to use. This website here for example was build in Concrete5 within two days.

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